Expert Domestic Window Cleaning London

Choose SLV Window Cleaning and we will visit your home once every four or eight weeks and, using the latest, environmentally-friendly window cleaning technology, we’ll leave your windows and frames spotless. That way you can enjoy the best possible view from your windows whilst impressing your friends and being the envy of your neighbours who will wish their windows were as clean as yours! If your windows are left anything less than spotless let us know within 48 hours and we will re-clean them free of charge, or provide a refund. You can pay by Direct Debit (other methods available) so there’s no need to worry about settling invoices or having enough cash, and there’s no need to be at home when we visit.
    • Regular service only - choose between visits every four or eight weeks.

    • No contract - cancel anytime

    • Money-back guarantee

    • Latest and safest technology using purified water and no ladders

    • All areas within M25

    • Payment by Direct Debit, cheque or bank transfer

    • Window frames included

    • Full insurance covering any damage to your property

    • Prices start at only £25.

Call 0800 612 6367 or email us to speak with one of our team.

We no longer use ladders, and this brings many advantages. Firstly it improves safety for the cleaner and greatly reduces the likelihood of any accidents – not only of the cleaner falling off the ladder, but also of the ladder falling over and damaging your property. (In the very unlikely event that any damage to your property does occur with the pole system, you can rest assured that it will be covered by our public liability insurance). Secondly, upstairs windows are cleaned from ground level, meaning you’ll never wake up to a window cleaner looking in your bedroom window! We haven’t abandoned ladders altogether mind you and still carry them on our vans, so if you have a window that requires a ladder we will still be able to reach it.

Our insurance, one of the most comprehensive policies in the industry, covers any damage to your home or any items within it and includes what’s known as ‘damage to property being worked upon’. In layman’s terms this means the window that’s being cleaned, as it’s being cleaned … which you might be surprised to learn is not covered in the vast majority of window cleaners’ policies! This means that you can relax, totally safe in the knowledge that were anything to go wrong you would not have to pay a penny.

Please read about our Domestic Window Cleaning Guarantee.