This document sets out the service we will provide. Please read it carefully so you know exactly what to expect from us.


1.     Payments

2.     Rear-Access

3.     Appointments

4.     Terraced Properties

5.     Guarantee

6.     The Initial Clean

7.     External Window Cleaning

8.     Internal Window Cleaning

9.     Round Re-Ordering

10.   Going on Holiday

11.   Weather / Seasons

12.   Pet Foul

13.   Obstructions

14.   Parking

15.   Working Hours

16.   Referral Scheme

17.   Moving House

18.   Competition

19.   Hiring Company Employees

20.   Contacting Us / Complaints

21.   Data Privacy

22.   Cancelling Your Service

23.   Use of our Website



DIRECT DEBIT – We collect payment once every 8 weeks, on a Friday. Each payment is in retrospect (it covers your last window clean). Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account as ‘bounced’ payments will incur a £5 admin fee. Payments will appear on your statement as ‘SLV Window Cleaning’. If you wish to cancel your Direct Debit please contact your bank. You should also notify us.

SAFE-PLACE – Your safe-place should be easily accessible to the cleaner. Please leave payment inside a plastic bag. You should leave cash or a cheque (to ‘SLV Window Cleaning’). If we come inside your property your safe-place should be inside. INVOICE – If there is no suitable safe-place at your property and you do not wish to pay by Direct Debit, then we will leave an invoice after the job. All invoices are due within 10 days unless another arrangement has been made. Invoices can be settled by cheque or bank transfer. We do not accept card payments.


We will email you in advance giving you the next clean-date and will ask you to ensure rear-access is available on that day. If we are unable to gain rear-access then we will not be able to clean the rear windows. Unfortunately no discounts or refunds will be provided in this event. If you have forgotten to provide rear-access the cleaner may, at his discretion, climb over your fence/wall. If he does this he will always consider his own safety and the likelihood of damage to your property. If you would prefer him not to do this please let us know by email. If you leave your gate unlocked you do so entirely at your own risk.


NOTIFYING YOU – We will email you the date of each appointment a week in advance. If you require a time-slot please let us know.

MOVING – Us: On rare occasions we may need to change the date of an appointment. We will always try to give you reasonable notice, however this may not always be possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by postponed cleans, however we cannot provide a discount to compensate for this inconvenience. You: You cannot change the date of an appointment as we can only visit when we are cleaning the round of which your property is a part.

SKIPPING We realise that at certain times you may not be able to have your windows cleaned. If you need to skip an appointment please email us as soon as possible. If an appointment is skipped we cannot guarantee to reschedule it before the round is next due.

POST-ARRIVAL CANCELLATIONS - If after arriving at your property we find ourselves unable to clean your windows through no fault of our own we will charge you a £15 call-out fee.


If you live in a terraced property we will email you a week in advance with the appointment date and time-slot. If you cannot be at home during the appointment we will clean the front windows only; we will provide a separate quote for this. If you prefer you can give us a set of keys and we will let ourselves through the house. Please send the keys to us, or hand them to the cleaner in person. Alternatively leave a set of keys in a ‘Safe-Place’ (see Section 1) at your property and we will post them through your letterbox before leaving.


Re-cleans under guarantee will be done as soon as possible, although we cannot guarantee they will fall within a certain time period. We cannot arrange a mutually convenient time for our visit. We will only re-clean the window(s) that you have identified as sub-standard. Please check that any offending marks are on the surface of the window that we have cleaned – we will charge you a £15 call-out fee if the marks are on the insides of the windows when we have only cleaned the outsides. We may decide to substitute a re-clean with a refund. No refund will exceed £50 in value.

Exclusions: the initial clean; window frames or sills; windows that are in the third floor or higher (counting: ground, first, second, third); velux windows; glass roofs; adhesive substances (e.g. glue, paint, cement, sticky tape etc) or any other substances that require scraping with a blade in order to remove them; windows with painted aluminium frames (windows with unpainted aluminium frames are covered); windows with painted frames where the paintwork is peeling.


The initial window clean is usually charged at double the price of the standard quote. During the first window clean at your property we will clean each window twice. This helps to ensure we remove not only all the dirt from the glass (of which there’ll be more than the 8 weeks’ worth) but also all dirt from the upper frame and its edges/corners. This helps prevent any dirty water running off the frame and drying on the glass, leaving behind dirty streaks (see Section 7 for more info).


METHOD – We will use a water-fed pole system to clean your windows. This method involves using purified water that dries naturally without leaving any marks, so it is not necessary for us to dry your windows before we leave. We may, at our discretion, use the traditional (squeegee) method instead.

ADHESIVE SUBSTANCES – Removal of adhesive substances (e.g. glue, paint, cement, sticky tape etc) is not included as part of our standard service. If you have adhesive substances that you want removed please email us.

MARKS LEFT ON WINDOWS – In some instances the water-fed pole system may leave slight marks on your windows after the initial clean only. This is because it occasionally takes up to two cleans to remove all the dirt from your window frames, and to remove any film of detergent that may have built up on the glass from previous traditional-style window cleaning. This can result in minor streaks on your windows where leftover dirt from the frames or detergent has run down the glass. Any marks, if they occur, will be minor and will disappear after the second clean. Our guarantee does not apply to the initial clean for this reason. During the initial clean we clean each window twice to help ensure this does not happen, but cannot guarantee that no marks will appear.

WINDOW FRAMES – We will clean all types of frame as part of our standard service except painted frames where the paintwork is peeling.


Internal cleaning is done using the traditional (squeegee) method. Please clear the window sills before we arrive. We may charge up to £10 extra if the cleaner has to wait for this to be done, or has to do it himself. We will not be held liable for any damages that result from the cleaner having to clear a window sill, or the area around your window. Internal frames are not included as part of our standard service. Fully-internal windows (where both faces are inside the building) are not included in our standard service.


Approximately once a year we re-order our rounds. This allows us to integrate recently joined customers in the most efficient way possible, meaning we keep our travel-times and fuel costs to a minimum. Because of this you may experience an irregular gap between two window-cleans. In most cases it will be between 0.5 – 1.5 times your regular interval (e.g. if we visit once every 8 weeks the gap will be between 4-12 weeks). If you pay by Direct Debit we may miss a payment or collect a double-payment to balance your account.


If you are going to be away from your property for an extended period and thus unable to provide rear-access you must notify us by email. If you do not do this and we arrive at your property we will only be able to clean the front windows. No refunds or discounts will be provided in this event.


We will clean your windows all year round in nearly all weather conditions, including rain. We may have to cancel your window cleaning at short notice in the event of very high winds, or sub-zero temperatures. In the event of a cancellation due to adverse weather conditions we will reschedule your appointment as soon as possible. We are unable to pause your service during the winter. RAIN AND WINDOW CLEANINGThere is a general myth that you should not clean windows in the rain, as the rain immediately falls on the windows and makes them dirty again. Dirt accumulates on windows day by day, week by week; it builds up slowly over time and reaches windows by many means. The dirt deposited by one bout of rainfall is very minimal and not sufficient to make a freshly-cleaned window look ‘dirty’. We are unable to postpone your window cleaning because of rain.

12.   PET FOUL

Any pet foul should be cleared before the cleaner arrives. If he feels there is a high chance of getting excrement on his boots or hosepipe he may refuse to clean certain windows. No refunds will be provided if windows are missed for this reason.


Please ensure there is enough space for the cleaner to walk around the outside of your property. The cleaner may be unable to access some windows if there are objects blocking the footway around your property. No refunds will be provided if windows are missed for this reason.


We must be able to park legally within 50 metres of your property. If parking outside your property is ‘Permit-Holder’s only’ you will need to provide us with a permit, which you should leave in a ‘Safe-Place’ (see Section 1 of this document for more information about Safe-Places). Please leave the permit out at the start of the day. If we visit during non-restricted hours we will not use the permit. If you do not leave a permit and there is Pay & Display parking available we will use the P&D bays. If the P&D fee is over £2 we may add the rest to your bill. If we arrive at your property and cannot park legally within 50 metres we will wait for up to five minutes for a P&D bay to become available. If this does not happen we will be unable to clean your windows. If we are unable to clean your windows due to no parking being available we will charge you a £15 call-out fee.


We work between 07:00 – 19:00 Monday to Friday (including Bank Holidays) although visits will rarely be before 09:00 or after 18:00. We do not work at the weekend.


We greatly appreciate any referrals and believe in rewarding customers who provide them. If you introduce a friend we will knock 50% off the price of both your next and their initial window clean. If you introduce more than one customer you will receive an additional 50% discount for each one. You can redeem two discounts at once so that your window cleaning is free, or carry discounts over to future cleans. Any customer you introduce must opt for our 8-weekly service. If you have made a referral please email us giving the name of the referred customer. Alternatively ask them to mention your name when they get in touch with us. If they get a quote online there is space for them to write your name in the online form.


If you move out of your property you must tell us in advance. If you do not tell us and we clean the windows once you have moved you will still be liable to pay for the window cleaning.


18.1 - Win A Year Of Free Window Cleaning

Draws will take place every March, June, September and December. Competition winners will be notified by email or Facebook (if applicable). Winners will be drawn at random and will receive 6 free window cleans, each one 8 weeks apart, to include the outside face of a maximum of 15 windows at one individual postal address. Exclusions: windows in the 2nd floor or higher (counting G, 1, 2), properties inside the Congestion Zone, properties outside the M25, properties that do not have parking within 50 metres. Free cleaning is not covered by guarantee; all other terms apply.

18.2 - Win 10 Years Of Free Window Cleaning

Available to new customers only. Valid promo code required to enter. Draw date: 31st August 2013. Available to all houses and flats within the M25. Winner will be notified by email and will receive our 8-weekly service free of charge for 10 years (65 cleans in total). External face of windows only. A maximum of 2 single glass doors and 15 windows will be included. Guarantee does not apply to free window cleaning; all other terms apply. Exclusions: windows in the third floor or higher (counting G, 1, 2, 3), conservatories, glass roofs, velux windows. Transferability between people: none. Prize is valid for one person only and cannot be given to someone else. Between properties: if you move home you can take your free window cleaning service with you, however it will only be valid for the number of windows at your old home.


By using our service you agree not to ‘cut-out’ SLV Window Cleaning by hiring, or attempting to hire, any of our employees or sub-contractors, past or present, directly. You also agree that, should an employee, sub-contractor, ex-employee or ex-sub-contractor ask you whether you’d like to hire him/her directly, you will refuse and report the matter immediately to us by email, at info@slvwindowcleaning.co.uk. If you are found to have hired one of our employees or sub-contractors directly, whether intentionally or unintentionally, in the first instance you will be told to cancel the employment. If you refuse to do so you agree to pay damages to SLV Window Cleaning to the sum of £5000 (FIVE THOUSAND GBP).


Our preferred contact method is email. All emails are delivered to handheld devices meaning your message will be received almost instantly. If you feel a phone call is required please do not hesitate to call. To make a complaint please email us so we have it in writing. We will always confirm receipt of the complaint and will try to solve any problems promptly.


We may use your details to send you relevant marketing/promotional material, however all material will include clear instructions on how to opt out of future communications, and will only ever come from SLV Window Cleaning. We will never sell or share any of your details with any third party. Please see our privacy policy for more information.


You can cancel your service at any time. If you cancel less than 24 hours before an appointment you may still be charged for that appointment. Cancellations should be made by email and to help us improve our service we ask that you kindly include the reason. We will reply to all emails promptly to confirm the cancellation.